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Bioessens Green Propolis Liquid Extract – ilustrative Image

Propolis – resinous substance produced by bees to protect the hive from contaminants shows variations in its composition, colour and taste according to its botanical origin.

According to this botanical origin, its components and medicinal properties also vary.

Among the diversity of propolis available in Brazil, the propolis Verde, produced in the State of Minas Gerais stands out for the presence of Artepillin-C, a substance from Baccharis Dracunculifolia, a bush popularly known as field rosemary or broom.

The extract of green propolis Bioessens seeking to meet the different application needs of the various industrial segments such as food, cosmetics industry, personal hygiene products industry, pharmaceutical industry, Handling pharmacies, homeopathy is available in glycolic, water-soluble and alcoholic versions, and all three versions are available in concentrations of 30% and 70%.

The Polypolis Green Bioessens Fluid Extract is produced through a thorough process that ensures that all batches always have the same content of bioactive principles.

More than 300 compounds are already known in propolis. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the extract contains the amount of that active ingredient that your product needs.

This is possible thanks to a rigorous process in which each batch of raw material received is analyzed by laboratory text, mapped and catalogued, allowing control of these components.

In this way, we can guarantee, for example, the content of phenolic compounds, flavonoids and Artepelin-C, in all lots of extractors.

We offer two categories of extracts (in bulk):

– powder: propolis extract without liquid solvent and

– Liquid: liquid propolis extract, dissolved in:

a) water,

b) alcohol from cereals or

c) propylene glycol.

In addition to our items below, we can always study the development of tailored solutions for the Customer, always our main focus.

Types of Fluid Extracts

Glicolic Extract

Table of fluid extracts of propolis in glycolic solution

Alcohol Extracts

Table of fluid extracts of propolis in alcohol solution

Water-soluble extract

Table Water soluble extract

General conditions

MOQ: 120L

Packing: 24L plastic bottles

Port: GRU or VCP

Leadtime: Subject to Confirmation

Expiration: 2 years