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About us

Brazil is a country of continental dimensions and with immensely diverse flora.

This biodiversity is also present in the offer of honey with diversified flowering that goes from the traditional eucalyptus to the more exotic flowering ones like orange, coffee, angico, mint.

As a result, 13 different types of propolis have already been cataloged in the country.
But of this diversity, a special type stands out: the green propolis, produced in the state of Minas Gerais.

Already the royal palm heart and the açai, tasty foods and nutrient rich are cultivated and managed in a sustainable and organic way preserving the environment.

For more than 20 years, we in the Shimizu family have dedicated ourselves to making these precious things reach the international market.

We started exporting green propolis to Japan in 1994, and since then, we have expanded our business, with customers in Japan, Taiwan, China, USA, Canada and South Korea, serving customers in the food, pharmaceutical and phytotherapeutic segments.

Customers include Cargill Foods Japan and Mitsubishi Corporation.

We have been able to consolidate ourselves as a reference of reliability in the supply of Propolis and Honey, through rigorous quality controls that guarantee the freshness and the purity of the products.

Each batch of products is analyzed in accredited laboratories, where we verify physical-chemical and microbiological parameters, such as: amounts of total flavonoids, p-coumaric acid and Artepelin-c and other biomarkers according to the request.


Our mission

Contribute to the health and quality of life of people around the world, based on responsible beekeeping, preserving the environment and our natural resources through natural and phytotherapeutic products, establishing solid and lasting relationships of trust with our customers, suppliers and partners, and observing the commitment to sustainable processes.

Our vision

Our goal is to be recognized as the brand and the most reliable company in the supply of propolis, honey and herbal products, emphasizing the transparency of relationships and commercial practices that are healthy and beneficial to all involved in the process.

 Our values

  • Professionalism, Honesty, Commitment: Build strong relationships of trust with customers, suppliers and partners.
  • Prioritize efforts so that all stages of production, marketing and distribution are guided by ethics, transparency and respect for all those involved in the process.
  • Sustainability, Innovation, Partnership: Provide products of natural origin, without prejudice to the environment, seeking total quality.
  • Focus on the Customer, Excellence in quality, Proactivity: Use all technology necessary in the manufacture of products, aiming to guarantee effectiveness and safety for health and well-being of the consumer.