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Organic Honey

Honey is a complete and nutritious food. It consists of vitamins: B, B1, B2, B5, B6, etc. Mineral salts: phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, etc.

In the food segment, it is a natural and healthy alternative to industrialized sugars, refined and artificial sweeteners.

It is also widely used by the cookie, candy, cake, yogurt, etc. industry.

In the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, honey in addition to its use in formulating oral products such as syrups and lozenges, are its healing and emollient properties that are exploited in the formulation of moisturizing creams, healing, shampoos and conditioners, facial lotions.

We work with carefully selected beekeepers and partners, certified and who observe stringent standards of national and international quality.

Brazil is a country of continental dimensions and with an immensely diverse flora, which allows us to offer a wide choice of flowering plants. From the more traditional ones, such as eucalyptus nectar or nectar from wildflowers to the more exotic flowering plants (on request) such as coffee flower, orange blossom, mint flower, angico flower, etc.  with flowers happening in different periods throughout the year:

Seeking to meet the needs of the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, we offer Bioessens organic honey in bulk, in 280 l drums or 25 kg drums.

To serve the retail sector, Bioessens organic honey is offered in fractional form in 300gr glass jars in light amber and extralight amber versions.

Organic Honey

jars of organic honey

Organic Honey Bioessens has a very high degree of purity because it is produced in vegetation areas without the use of contaminants.
Completely pesticide free, grown in harmony with the environment and duly certified by world renowned companies,

Brazilian Africanized bees are one the the most resilient and strong species of bees, not requiring any treatment using medicines, therefore no antibiotics are used, never.

Organic cream honey:

Bioessens Creamy Organic Honey is an innovative product that preserves the flavor and all nutritional properties of conventional honey, adding the differential of a creamy consistency.

jar of creamy organic honey

General conditions

MOQ: 1 FCL, or * subject to confirmation

Packing: 280kg drums, 25kg buckets, 500g pots

Port: subject to confirmation

Leadtime: Subject to Confirmation

Expiration: 2 years